About Me

Uncovering SEO While Exploring The World

Like everyone else, I began my journey with no knowledge.
I have a degree in chemistry, so learning SEO is even more difficult for me. Thanks to people on YouTube posting helpful videos about SEO, I was able to learn little by little about SEO.


My last paid training was well worth it. Coach was able to discuss every aspect of SEO and has allowed me to work on their website pipie co, which is now progressing day by day. His training has strengthened my resolve to pursue SEO.


Before SEO, I worked as a laboratory analyst while also looking for an online job to start working from home. I am, after all, a full-time fur parent to five cats so I needed to work double time.


I know my degree and work experience are nowhere near the SEO field, and while I admit learning SEO is challenging, I still want to pursue it and am taking steps to establish myself in the SEO industry.


Let’s talk.