SEO by Irish

How it works


SEO includes a variety of aspects, each of which has an impact on the sole purpose of optimizing. 


Below is a step by step SEO process cycle I will do for your website. 



website audit

Here, I’ll dive into your website and do an in-depth evaluation. Then, I put my assessment into a checklist from PinoySEO, where I can identify issues from indexability to backlink issues and suggest further steps to solving them.



keyword research

This is where I use tools to identify keywords relevant to your website. I then incorporate these keywords into your website in different ways, including posts, pages, and categories.


competitive analysis

In this step, I will conduct a thorough examination of competitors, analyzing their SEO status and utilizing the data uncovered to our advantage.


on-page seo

At this point, I will do the optimization needed within your website, including content, metadata, title tags, images, videos, and any other necessary measures.


off-page seo

This is the area where it's entirely up to how we can build relationships with other relevant websites. Through this, we can obtain essential backlinks and mentions that can strengthen your website's authority.


reporting and data analysis

Finally, we can track progress, repurpose the data, and repeat the optimization process to ensure the continuous improvement of your website's ranking using data-analyzing tools like Google Analytics, SEMRush, Google Search Console, and many others.

Copywriting by Irish

How it works

Samples to be posted soon.